Born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan,

Sophiya attended the National College

of Arts (NCA) in Lahore, where she

selected Printmaking as her field of

choice. After three years of intensive

etching, she pursued a two year Masters

program at the renowned Rhode Island

School of Design (RISD) that she attended

on a Fulbright scholarship awarded in 2005.

Her focus throughout her masters at RISD

was also primarily on etching though she

experimented with many different print

media such as lithography, digital media,

screen printing and letterpress amongst

many others.


Sophiya was selected to represent Pakistan

at the 2012 UNESCO-Andorra Art Camp.

She is also the recipient of the 2013 ERR

Residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, NM,



Sophiya now resides primarily in Dubai 

and is currently exhibiting work both in

Pakistan and internationally. Her work is

represented by the Cade Tompkins Project

art gallery in the USA. More information on

Sophiya's work can be found at